The devourer of planets has come to ours just in time for Earth Day. Luckily, the Fantastic Four has a plan to stop Galactus, just like they have countless times in the past. This time though, the plan is just a little bit different.

  • Marvel celebrated Earth Day today with the release of “Hot Suns: Galactus Edition.”
  • The comica video is a kind of homage to the hit web series “Hot Ones,” during which celebrities are interviewed while they try to eat hot wings of various levels of spice.
  • In “Hot Suns,” Reed Richards has concocted three synthetic stars for Galactus to consume while he is being interviewed by the patriarch of Marvel’s first family.
  • If Galactus can eat all three stars, his prize will be the Earth! Luckily, Reed thought this through and the stars are a bit more than the eater of worlds can handle.
  • The video also features some narration from Sue Storm, camera work from the Thing, model work from the Human Torch and a studio audience that fittingly only consists of the Watcher.