Before Guests set foot onboard their Adventures by Disney Galápagos Islands Expedition Cruise, they can experience 5–6 days of fun amid the lush Napo River and surrounding Amazon Basin forests on the Amazon Escape. This is the perfect pre-adventure to your Galápagos Islands Expedition Cruise.

  • Experience the incredible wildlife and vibrant communities that call the Amazon Basin home on this exhilarating Adventures by Disney Amazon Escape.
  • Following 1 night in Quito, spend 3 or 4 Nights on the Anakonda river boat and see the Amazon rainforest up close from the ground and the tree tops.
  • Guests will visit a small village where they’ll meet the locals of the area and take home some of their authentic craftwork.
  • They’ll enjoy a leisurely kayak ride or go for a relaxing swim in the waters that make up Yasuni National Park.
  • And guests won't soon forget the moment they enter the rainforest after dusk and go looking for unique nocturnal animals.
  • Along the way, guests can explore their finely appointed vessel with three levels, an observation deck, multiple sitting areas, outdoor whirlpool spa and an al fresco lounge.
  • This Amazon Escape add-on is available only to Guests who are currently booked on the Adventures by Disney Galápagos Islands Expedition Cruise.

About the Adventures by Disney Galápagos Islands Expedition Cruise:

  • Galapagos Islands Expedition Cruise starts in February 2022 as a 9 days, 8 nights expedition.
    • “Unleash your adventurous spirit as you travel on a unique expedition cruise, where you’ll explore the diverse islands and ecosystems of the Galápagos Archipelago. Experience the pristine beauty of this equatorial region where you may get up close with the many endemic species, including marine iguanas, Giant Land Tortoises, sea lions, blue-footed boobies and many more. Choose from 3 different routes, each offers amazing adventure as only Adventures by Disney can provide.”
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