New Marvel Graphic Novel “Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin” Coming in September

A new Marvel graphic novel focused on Kamala Khan is coming soon. “Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin” will be coming to stores on September 7.

  • “Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin” will be written by Nadia Shammas and illustrated by Nabi H. Ali.
  • The middle-grade graphic novel will be available just in time for back-to-school season.
  • “Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin” will be available everywhere books are sold on September 7, 2021.
  • You can pre-order the book now here.


  • In “Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin,” New Jersey's own Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is stretched too thin—literally. She's having a hard time balancing schoolwork with being a good friend, being there for her family, becoming the best fanfic writer this side of the Hudson River…and, you know, becoming a Super Hero. She's tired and just barely keeping control, BUT she's handling it. Totally. When a mysterious robot tries to infiltrate Avengers Tower, it'll be up to Ms. Marvel to (again, literally) pull herself together, learn to ask for help, and fix the mess she's made before anyone gets hurt!

What they’re saying:

  • Illustrator Nabi H. Ali: "A beloved teacher of mine lent me the very first issues of MS. MARVEL when I was in high school, knowing how important it was for me to see a South Asian super hero. Kamala and her family didn't feel like stereotypes, nor were they written with a 'colorblind' approach; the generational and cultural misunderstandings between Kamala and her parents—as well as how they overcame them—were very true to South Asian experiences among the diaspora. As a Muslim convert, it also meant a lot for me to see openly Muslim characters. I'm honored that I got to explore Kamala's world and that I'm helping introduce her to new generations of readers like me."
  • Writer Nadia Shammas: "Back when I was in college, the introduction of Kamala Khan is the thing that rekindled my interest in the Marvel Universe, and in super hero comics in general. Like so many others, I fell in love with Kamala from the start, and recognized in her so much of my own nerdy awkwardness, community, and family dynamics. I know what it would have meant to me to have Kamala in my life even sooner, and so I'm really honored to be able to add to her story and that of her family and friends."