Avengers Campus: A Look at All the Food Offerings Available

Part of the fun of immersive theme park lands is seeing how food plays a part of the story. At Avengers Campus, there are a few dining options that are fun and delicious. Here are some of our initial thoughts, along with some tidbits on the food, beverages, and dining theming at Avengers Campus.

Pym Test Kitchen Featuring Impossible Foods

  • Sometimes fun doesn’t necessarily mean tasty, but we enjoyed everything we tried.
  • It’s great to have Coke Freestyle machines in the park because they give guests so many soft drink options.
  • The talk of the Campus during our preview event was the Impossible Spoonful, which is a plant-based large meatball with micro meatballs served with pasta and a super-sized spoon.

  • The Pym-ini is a panini on toasted focaccia with salami, rosemary ham, Provolone and marinara dipping sauce. Don’t miss all the details on the serving plate.
  • We were told that the Not So Little Chicken Sandwich is designed to be eaten with your hands and not with utensils… so grab some napkins.
  • The exclusive Pingo Doce soft drink is a refreshing green soda with just a hint of vanilla, which is the perfect beverage for a theme park as it is refreshing but light enough to not linger.
  • The kids offerings, including the PB&J Flavor Lab, keep the science theme even for smaller guests.
  • The enlarged Choco Smash CANDY Bar is designed to share (Note: Sharing optional).
  • While some guests may be distracted by the size-changing pretzels in the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice the tribute to Bountiful Valley Farm.

Pym Tasting Lab

  • The story here is that Scott Lang convinced Hope that they should experiment on beverages.
  • There are eight craft beers, which is a large selection for a location as small as this.
  • Some of the beers will be poured from the bottom up (See the video below for more info).
  • Beer cocktail options include The Regulator (a refreshing concoction of wheat ale with mango flavor and a spicy finish) and the Molecular Meltdown — which includes a marshmallow milk stout and vanilla ice cream topped with mini marshmallows.
  • There will also be seasonal hard seltzers including the Particle Fizz, which combines various options with cherry flavor bubbles.
  • The pint-sized pints mini beer flight is four Pym-shrunk steins served on an enlarged ruler, where guests can take home the steins and the ruler.

Shawarma Palace

  • Every bit of this cart is decked out with easter eggs for Marvel fans.
  • New York’s Tastiest is filled with fragrant chicken shawarma with garlic spread and coconut yogurt-tahini sauce, served with pickled vegetables. It’s delicious.
  • The Impossible Victory Falafel is a plant-based wrap that is served with the same vegetables. It’s also delicious.
  • Whether you go with the chicken or plant-based version, you will not be disappointed.
  • However, you will be disappointed that you won’t have more time to examine every detail of the cart.

Terran Treats

  • Located near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, this location is said to be built by the collector to lure Terrans in with what he thinks they will enjoy.
  • The tagline for the cart is “Feed mix for Terrans.”
  • The Sweet Spiral Ration is a seasonal spiral churro featuring unique colors and flavors.
  • The Collector doesn’t get things exactly right, as the version we tried was pineapple flavored, but colored blue.
  • While I didn’t get to try the Cosmic Cream Orb — a crispy cream puff with whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse — others around me said it was delicious.

Final Thoughts

  • While themed food often sacrifices taste, Avengers Campus bucks that trend.
  • I could see myself visiting Avengers Campus just to enjoy more Pingo Doce.
  • I have a feeling that Terran Treats will quickly become a Legacy Passholder favorite.
  • Some of the novelties are very cool, such as an oversized Pingo Doce can and the Iron Gauntlet, which can hold either a bottled beverage or shawarma.


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