Kenneth and Marcellus Head To The Game Grid of “Tron” In Latest “Disney+ Deets”

The latest episode of Disney+ Deets heads into the digital world and takes a look at the 1982 visual effects pioneering cult classic, Tron.

What’s Happening:

  • In the latest episode of Disney+ Deets, Hosts Kenneth Brown and Marcellus Kidd “fight for the Users” and give us all the fun facts behind the iconic movie Tron, now streaming on Disney+.
  • 1982’s Tron sees Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) hacking into a computer system where someone was stealing the games he programmed, finding himself abducted into a digital world and forced to participate in games where the only chance of survival and escape is with the help of a heroic security program named Tron (Bruce Boxleitner).
  • While the film itself has become a cult classic, it is widely recognized for its pioneering visual effects, including the first time computer animation had been heavily used in a film. So much so that at the time, the film was disqualified from receiving an Academy Award nomination for special effects, reportedly because the academy felt that the abundant use of computers was “cheating.”

  • In the latest episode of Disney+ Deets, Kenneth and Marcellus take a look at the film and share some more insight (albeit brief) into the creation of the digital world, showcasing the basics of the special look that the film has. They also touch on the terrifying nature of the Master Control Program (MCP), as well as Jeff Bridges’ fondness for first-time directors and their films, including Tron’s Steven Lisburger, who’s lack of experience behind a camera would translate to more imagination in front of it.
  • After nearly three decades, a long-awaited much-anticipated sequel came out to the film, Tron: Legacy was released. That film saw Sam Flynn, son of Kevin, discover that his father had been trapped in a digital world since he was a kid after a page came through from his office at the long abandoned Flynn’s Arcade.
  • Tron and its sequel, Tron: Legacy, are now streaming on Disney+.

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