Jumping onto the current trend of nostalgia for a time when NBA stars were headlining in family films, the latest episode of Disney+ Deets takes a closer look at the seminal 90’s “classic,” Kazaam.

What’s Happening:

  • The latest episode of Disney+ Deets hits at a perfect moment in time, as many fans are getting ready to go back to the 90’s when NBA players were the stars of their own family films, and takes a look at the 1996 film starring Shaquille O’Neal, Kazaam.
  • Originally produced in a partnership with Disney-owned Touchstone Pictures (explaining the film’s presence on Disney+), Kazaam follows a lonely, troubled youth who inadvertently releases the titular Genie who must now grant the child any three wishes that he requests.
  • In the episode, Kenneth and Marcellus can’t contain their excitement to dive deeper into the film, reminiscing fondly on the film and its stars.

  • They talk about the development of the film, including the original idea being a joke to have Shaq play “a genie with attitude,” which is exactly what the film became.
  • The pair also discuss the duo that stars in the film, Shaq and child actor Francis Capra, explaining that the kid didn’t follow sports and had no idea who Shaq was, as well as his inability to ride a bike when production began. This is a surprise for anybody who has seen the film, as there are a lot of scenes involving bike riding.
  • Kenneth and Marcellus also talk about the visual effects of the film and the amount of blue screen that was used in the production, as well much of the design process that went into the costumes of the movie.
  • They then jump into the music performances of the movie, focusing on Shaq’s rapping as well as the appearances of Spinderella and Da Brat in the movie.
  • After all this trivia, you might want to watch the movie for yourself, and you can! Kazaam is now streaming on Disney+.

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