Fans will get to uncover the crazed mind of a symbiote anti-hero with the new The Philosophy of Venom, now available where books are sold!

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What’s Happening:

  • What exactly goes on in the mind of a Symbiote? Wonder no more because The Philosophy of Venom is now available everywhere books are sold!
  • The Philosophy of Venom uncovers the crazed and illustrious mind of the original symbiote anti-hero in this lavishly presented collection of Venom's most heroic, villainous, and somewhat killer moments from his comic book history.
  • In this book, you'll get into the mind—or minds—of Venom: eat, save, kill, repeat! Hero or villain? Psychotic or vulnerable? Does anything make sense to a ravenous symbiote from outer space?!
  • Witness the fears, the loves, the scruples, and the pure hunger that drives the popular anti-hero with a look at his favorite moments, best friends, worst enemies, epic comic action, and awesome cover art! It's everything you need to know about your new-favorite anti-hero.
  • Is that the sound of a sonic wave bursting from the page? No, it's The Philosophy of Venom! 
  • Titan Publishing shared a few images from the new book with giving a tease of what fans will find when they acquire their copy.

  • You can get your own copy of The Philosophy of Venom by following the link below!

The Philosophy of Venom