New Halloween Merchandise Spotted Throughout Disneyland Park

As we approach the Halloween Season, new festive merchandise is hitting the shelves at the Disneyland Resort with fun sightings of spooky items throughout the park.

One thing we noticed during our live walk and talk through the park earlier was a new Halloween-themed Star Wars shirt, wishing everyone a ghoul-actic halloween!

More traditional fare featuring jack-o-lanterns and Mickey Mouse, or Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lanterns! A new spirit jersey is also available this year featuring these patterns, as was announced earlier this month.

Since the movie debuted in the early 90s, Hocus Pocus has only increased in popularity and the ever increasing amount of merchandise with each passing year only helps that. This year is no different, and a new spirit jersey, glassware featuring the Sanderson Sisters, and plush of the characters are also available.

While Spirit Jerseys remain the go-to item now for seasonal apparel releases, these new plaid shirts are also growing in popularity, with special releases for Halloween this year too.

 Halloween fun is scattered throughout, though right now it’s similar products everywhere, most of which retain the Mickey Jack-O-Lantern theme.

All of this is just part of the fun we discovered on our walk through Disneyland Park earlier today, which you can catch a replay of by watching below!

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