The Gorillas of Disney’s Animal Kingdom have taken it upon themselves (kind of!) to announce to the world the name of the newest member of their family!

What’s Happening:

  • The arrival of baby animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park continues to bring joy to Walt Disney World guests and the park’s animal care team and just last month, the park celebrated the birth of a healthy western lowland gorilla to parents Azizi and Gino.  
  • Over the last couple of weeks, guests have been captivated to see Azizi and her baby bonding onstage at the park’s Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. Azizi’s favorite place to rest with the baby is right next to the glass, where lucky guests are sometimes able to get an up-close view of the pair together. Azizi’s son Cory is very curious about his new sibling and likes to visit with his mom and the baby.
  • Instead of just telling you what the park has named the newest gorilla in the troop,  Disney has decided to let the family handle the big reveal in their own special way. In the video above, you can watch Cory, Lilly and the rest of the troop unveil the baby’s name!  

  • The name comes from the Igbo people in Nigeria and can be translated to mean “first daughter.” After giving birth to two sons, it was fitting to name Azizi’s first daughter, “Ada.”  
  • To make this announcement possible, the animal care team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom formed letters using rice cereal for the gorillas to unwrap. The reveal activity was designed to stimulate the troop’s problem-solving skills and encourage them to interact with their environment.
  • Guests visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom can join in celebrating Ada’s arrival by visiting Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. They may even catch a glimpse of Azizi and Ada as mother and daughter continue to nurse and bond.

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