Searchlight Pictures’ “Nightmare Alley” Gets Haunting Teaser Trailer

Searchlight pictures released a haunting teaser trailer today for the upcoming Guillermo del Toro film, Nightmare Alley, just a few days after it was announced that the film had been delayed.

  • The new film was recently delayed from its December 3rd release date and will now be hitting theaters on December 17.
  • Check out the new teaser trailer for the upcoming film below:

About Nightmare Alley:

  • Nightmare Alley is based on the 1946 book by William Lindsay Gresham, which was previously adapted as a film by 20th Century Fox in 1947 starring Tyrone Power.
  • Guillermo del Toro’s version of the film features an all-star cast including Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Willem Dafoe, Toni Collette and Rooney Mara.
  • The film follows a young carny, Stanton Carlisle, who uses the art of manipulation to take advantage of others but ends up tragically falling for the same act.

Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley Cast:

  • Bradley Cooper as Stanton “Stan” Carlisle
  • Cate Blanchett as Dr. Lilith Ritter
  • Willem Dafoe as Clem Hoately
  • Toni Collette as Zeena Krumbein
  • Richard Jenkins as Ezra Grindle
  • Ron Perlman as Bruno
  • Rooney Mara as Molly Cahill
  • David Strathairn as Pete Krumbein
  • Holt McCallany as Anderson
  • Jim Beaver as Sheriff Jedediah Judd
  • Mark Povinelli as The Major
  • Mary Steenburgen as Miss Harrington