“You Didn’t See That Coming?” Hasbro Drops Surprise Pre-Order for Infinity Saga Quicksilver Figure

Well this is unexpected! Hasbro Pulse has just opened new pre-orders for their Marvel Legends Quicksilver figure. No, not the imposter fellow Ralph Bohner from WandaVision, but Wanda’s actual twin brother who appeared in Age of Ultron.

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UPDATE (9/28/2021): The Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Quicksilver figure is now available on shopDisney, selling for $24.99.

What’s Happening:

  • After last week’s reveal of new Marvel Legends figures, Hasbro Pulse has surprised fans with an additional pre-order figure: Quicksilver.
  • This new figure showcases Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor Johnson) in the Avengers: Age of Ultron, after he’s joined the Avengers and just prior to his incredible sacrifice in Sokovia.
  • The figure sells for $26.49 and will arrive in early September.
Quicksilver showing off the "Disney Point"

Quicksilver showing off the “Disney Point”

Marvel Legends Series Quicksilver (Hasbro Pulse)

Quicksilver Action Figure by Hasbro – Legends Series – The Infinity Saga (shopDisney)

  • Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy this 6-inch-scale Quicksilver figure, inspired by the character from Marvel Entertainment
  • This quality 6-inch Legends Series Quicksilver figure features multiple points of articulation and is a great addition to any action figure collection
  • Includes: Quicksilver figure, 5 accessories.