ESPN Personality Katie Nolan Announces Her Departure From Network

ESPN Personality Katie Nolan has taken to Twitter and announced that she will be leaving the network after four years.

What’s Happening:

  • Katie Nolan, known best for her digital sports media content, has left ESPN after four years contributing to programs on the network, and hosting her own digital series on ESPN+, Always Late with Katie Nolan.
  • Nolan also hosted a podcast, Sports? With Katie Nolan, and a version of SportsCenter for popular social media app Snapchat.
  • Prior to ESPN, Nolan was known for her irreverent tone and garnered attention when hosting Garbage Time at Fox Sports. She then jumped to ESPN as the network tried to capture new audiences in the digital market.
  • Nolan announced her departure in a tweet thread that read:

I’ve thought about sending this tweet for weeks and I still have no clue how to make it not make you all roll your eyes. Alas: the obvious thing has happened. I no longer work at ESPN. I’m really grateful for my time here. I made incredible friendships and valuable mistakes.

This year of slowing down has affected me on a cellular level. If you listen to the podcast this isn’t news to you. What’s next for me is to figure out how/where/when this new me can use the skills the old me acquired to make the stuff I think needs making. And maybe a vacation?

For the sake of brevity I’m gonna handle most of my thank yous via text, but I do want to publicly sing the praises of @AshleyBraband, a woman who made a lot of personal sacrifices in service of ESPN and myself, and who may never know how much that means to me.

Lastly, to the most beleaguered podcast fans in the game: Thank you, for all of it. Seeing you be decent and hilarious with each other online is the best evidence I have that I’m on a path worth walking. You rule. If you’re still here when I get back, I won’t forget that. LYMI.

  • Reactions to Nolan’s departure on social media mostly agree that this was a long time coming, with many comments suggesting that ESPN didn’t know what to do with her level of talent.

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