“20/20” Returns for Season 44 With Deep Dive Into The History of Chippendales

ABC’s 20/20 returns for it’s 44th season and will kick off the year with a bang. The first story featured will focus on the rise of the Chippendales dance troupe and the ultimate fall of its founder Steve Banerjee.

(ABC News Public Relations)

(ABC News Public Relations)

What’s Happening:

  • 20/20 has announced that season 44 will premiere with a deep dive into the dark history of Chippendales and its founder Steve Banerjee.
  • The new special will focus on the creation of the dance troupe and how greed and paranoia led Banerjee to eliminate those who he believed got in his way.
  • Through never-before-seen footage and interviews with those familiar with the story, audiences will learn of murder-for-hire plots, an alleged blackmail operation against an aggrieved patron and so much more.
  • The special also includes interviews with:
    • Scott Garriola, a retired FBI special agent, who played a major role in catching and arresting Banerjee
    • Read Scot, a former Chippendales dancer who opens up about being the target in a thwarted murder-for-hire plot
    • Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, historian and host of Welcome To Your Fantasy, a popular podcast on Chippendales
    • Former Chippendales dancers
    • Producers and employees
    • Banerjee’s business associates
    • Family and friends of those impacted

  • 20/20: Chippendales Murder airs on Friday, October 8th (9:01-11:00 pm EDT), on ABC.

Creative Team:

  • ABC News’ 20/20 is a primetime program anchored by David Muir and Amy Robach.
  • David Sloan is senior executive producer, and Janice Johnston is executive producer.
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