The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit Helps Motivate Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Parents hoping to get a head start on fighting against the excess cavities that may come from Halloween candy may have just found a solution to get their children excited to brush, and that’s Brushalot!


What’s Happening:

  • The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit is designed to motivate kids to want to brush their teeth.
  • The kit includes a tooth-shaped color-changing nightlight that kids can proudly push after each teeth cleaning.
  • It also features “Adventures of Brushalot,” an imaginative and beautiful hardcover storybook that follows General Floss, her teeth-saving team, including Sir Brushalot; and their loyal steed, Incisor, as they fight off Prince Plaque and his band of Tartar Troopers.
  • The kit also features the oh-so-huggable plush toy horse, Incisor, based on the character in the storybook. The book has a handy keepsake journal, where kids can keep track of their teeth and dental visits, along with fun coloring and activity pages.
  • The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit gives the Tooth Fairy a unique “origin story” to make the milestones even more memorable for the kids.
  • The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit is now available on Amazon and the Brushalot website.