“Tamron Hall” Guest List: Stephen A. Smith, Justina Machado and More to Appear Week of October 25th

This week Tamron Hall welcomes a number of special guests including actors and reality stars. Together they’ll discuss major life events, current projects, and so much more. The show will feature their “Help Me Tamron!” week as guests stop by with expert advice on a variety of subjects.

What’s Happening:

  • Tamron Hall brings a refreshing, relatable and unstoppable voice to the daytime community – talking to the people you are talking about.
  • From the deeply personal to the purely fun, Tamron Hall is a daily destination for viewers to connect with the people shaping our lives through meaningful, engaging and entertaining conversations.
  • ABC has announced the show’s special guests for the coming week which include actors, musicians and more.
  • Tamron Hall is produced by Walt Disney Television and is distributed in national syndication by Disney Media Networks. Visit TamronHallShow for stations and air times.

Tamron Hall Guests for the Week of October 25th-29th:

  • Monday, October 25 – Finding Love and Making it Last
    • Rachel DeAlto – Heartfelt tips to help:
      • 26-year-old widow looking to move forward
      • A single dad trying to break the cycle he believes has kept him from finding love
      • One woman still hopes to find “the one” after being cheated on by two men
  • Tuesday, October 26 – Harness The Power To Speak Up And Find Your Voice
    • Stephen A. Smith
    • Woman’s life-altering event that weakened her smile but empowered her to speak up
    • An award-winning author on learning to become a naturally confident speaker
  • Wednesday, October 27 – Finding Your Inner Confidence And Getting Your Game Back
    • Justina Machado (Switched Before Birth
    • Tam Fam Deals
  • Thursday, October 28 – Add More Laughter Into Your Life
    • Roy Wood Jr. and Ali Wentworth
    • Logan Browning and Marque Richardson (Dear White People
    • Tam Fam Deals
  • Friday, October 29 – Dealing With Terrifying Toddler Tantrums

Tamron Hall is produced by ABC News and is distributed in national syndication by Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution. The show is executive produced by Tamron Hall and Candi Carter and Carter serves as showrunner. The show broadcasts from New York City and features a dynamic mix of live and taped shows.