Hasbro Reveals Knull Figure and More New Marvel Legends Series Figures at PulseCon

Hasbro PulseCon wrapped up today, closing the show with a look at a variety of new Marvel figures, including Knull, the villain of the recent hit crossover comic series “King in Black.”

  • The panel opened with a look at two new Marvel Legends Retro figures, finishing off the 2021 collection of these popular figures.
  • The final addition to the collection is a Phoenix and Wolverine two-pack.

Phoenix and Wolverine Retro Two-Pack

  • With this final addition, they also gave us a look at the complete collection of retro figures that came in 2021.

  • Next, the team looked forward to 2022 by revealing three new retro figures that will be coming next year.

Reed Richards Retro Figure

Falcon Retro Figure

Venom Retro Figure

  • No dates have been provided for these three new figures but there was a promise of more to come in this wave, including the completion of the Fantastic Four, meaning The Thing will be coming soon as well.
  • Next, the panel was joined by comic writer Donny Cates, who wrote the aforementioned “King in Black” series.
  • Cates helped to reveal a digital rendering for a new Knull figure that will be coming in 2022.

  • No date has been set for the new Knull figure, but given they only had a digital rendering to show, it seems like it will be some time before we can add the God of the Symbiotes to our collections.
  • Next, we got a look at the start to a second wave of the popular villains collection that debuted earlier this year, with the reveal of a new Baron Zemo figure.

Baron Zemo Marvel Legends Figure

  • Jumping from villains to heroes, the team gave a look at a new Scarlet Witch figure with a classic look.

Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends Figure

  • You can pre-order this new Scarlet Witch figure here.
  • Accompanying the Scarlet Witch, we then got a look at a classic Vision figure, sporting his all-white look.

Vision Marvel Legends Figure

  • You can pre-order this new Vision figure here.
  • Next, the panel was joined by artist David Nakayama, who created a sketch for a new figure coming in 2022.
  • After some teasing, Nakayama revealed his sketch of Vulcan, which will be used for the packaging of the new figure.

  • Some concept art for the new Vulcan figure was also revealed.

  • The team then switched gears to the MCU to reveal a look at a new two-pack of Captain America.

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson Captain America Two-Pack

  • This new two-pack of Marvel Legends figures included the first ever unmasked Anthony Mackie head.
  • You can pre-order this new Captain America two-pack here.
  • And to build off of that MCU two-pack, the next new figure was an updated Winter Soldier, featuring the likeness of Sebastian Stan.

Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Figure

  • You can pre-order this new Winter Soldier figure here.
  • Next, the panel was joined by Eric and Julia Lewald, the creators of the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series.
  • The pair revealed a couple of new figures based on the series, complete with VHS-inspired packaging.

X-Men: The Animated Series Wolverine Figure

  • The wolverine figure also notably includes his framed picture of Jean and Cyclops, so fans can recreate the popular meme.

X-Men: The Animated Series Jubilee Figure

  • The team then discussed the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Marvel Legends Series and gave another look at the Captain America anniversary figure that we first saw earlier this month.
  • The team then revealed the next figure in that wave, which will fittingly be Iron Man.

Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Iron Man Figure

  • As the result of a fan vote, the team then revealed a digital rendering for a figure of a villain who has never been turned into a figure before.

D’Spayre Marvel Legends Figure

  • And of course, the team couldn’t end PulseCon without one last tease of something to come. No information was given, but we did get a look at this accessory.

  • You can find many of these new figures and so many more available for pre-order on HasbroPulse.com or on Entertainment Earth.
  • You can also watch the full Hasbro PulseCon day two presentation, including the Marvel portion, below: