Argentinian Show “Intertwined” Now Available to Stream in the US on Disney+

One of the many surprises for Disney+ Day was the drop of all episodes of the English dub to Spanish-language show, Intertwined. You can now stream all ten episodes of this Argentinian show on Disney+.

What’s Happening:

  • The series follows the story of a sixteen-year-old Allegra Sharp who dreams of playing the starring role in a stage production of Freaky Friday, just like her grandmother, who went on to become a legendary star in the world of musical theater. Allegra’s chance to fulfill her dreams comes in the most surprising way, as she travels back in time to 1994.

  • You can view the English dubbed trailer for Intertwined below:

  • All ten episodes of Intertwined are available to stream in English only on Disney+.

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