According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pen15, a breakout comedy created by and starring Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, will end December 3 when the second half of season two drops on Hulu.

What’s Happening:

  • Sources note that after nearly a decade, collectively, of working on the show, the two were ready to take a break from the series.
  • While the decision to end the series was made by Erskine and Konkle, Hulu is still interested in doing additional seasons of the show and is leaving the door open for more in hopes that Erskine and Konkle wish to return for additional material inspired by their juvenescence.
  • Neither Konkle nor Erskine has an overall deal with Hulu, but Hulu has expressed interest in working with Erskine and Konkle again on other projects.
  • In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter podcast TV’s Top 5, Erskine and Konkle were both very open about their concerns and uncertainty of if it would be possible to film the second half of season 2 due to the nature of their largely teenage cast and the events of the pandemic.
  • While the first half of the second season of Pen15 premiered in September of 2020, delays in filming due to the pandemic have led to the second half of the second season premiering over a year later, on December 3, 2021.
  • In a profile published by The New Yorker, Erskine and Konkle revealed that they envisioned Pen15 wrapping after three seasons and how their ability to film the show was greatly impacted COVID-19.