Dick Vitale Cleared By Medical Team to Sit Courtside This Weekend for Villanova V. Baylor

ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale is set to return courtside after receiving clearance from his medical team for the Villanova v. Baylor Men’s basketball game this weekend on ABC.

What’s Happening:

  • ESPN has announced that College Basketball analyst Dick Vitale has received medical clearance from his medical team to be back courtside this weekend.
  • Vitale will be on the call for the Number 6 Villanova at Number 2 Baylor game, which is set to air at 3PM ET on ABC.
  • In October, Vitale revealed that for the second time in only a matter of months, he had been diagnosed with another form of Cancer, confirming that he had been suffering from lymphoma. Earlier, in August, Vitale had been diagnosed with melanoma, of which he underwent surgeries and had been “totally cleared” of by the time he was diagnosed with lymphoma weeks later.
  • Vitale’s Twitter account is filled with positivity while he battles this disease, and is also where he revealed that will be undergoing 6 months of chemo and treatment, but he is excited to be back courtside this weekend.

What They’re Saying:

  • Dick Vitale: “After receiving positive news about blood counts from my medical team, headed by Dr. Rick Brown, I’ve been cleared to be courtside for No.6 Villanova at No. 2 Baylor Sunday on ABC. I’m jumping for joy knowing I’ll be sitting next to Jon Sciambi and talking hoops instead of chemotherapy and blood counts. It will be fun to also share stories with our reporter Kris Budden on the sidelines. It’s my first-ever trip to Waco since I began at ESPN on December 5th, 1979, and it is sure to be special. Thank you to all for the continued phone calls, messages, prayers, and positive energy. It truly lifts me up!”