Indie Band Oh Geeez Releases “Coming Home – The Mixtape” Inspired by Third Season of Disney Channel’s “Amphibia”

Fans of the Disney Channel original series Amphibia can still channel some of the latest season with a new album inspired by the third season of the series from a Milwaukee-based Indie Band, Oh Geeez.

What’s Happening:

  • For a few weeks now, we’ve been deprived of the fan-favorite Disney Channel original series, Amphibia. The show is currently in the usual break in the middle of the season, this time leaving us wondering what is going on on Earth with Anne and the Plantars.
  • Fans of the show who are looking for new Amphibia-based content to hold them over during the show’s current hiatus however, can turn to a massive new fan project by Milwaukee-based indie band Oh Geeez.
  • Coming Home – The Mixtape is a collection of 16 songs and instrumentals inspired by the first 16 episodes of Amphibia Season 3, with all the music written, recorded, and produced by the band.
  • The songs feature a variety of sounds and styles, but center on the show’s universal themes of friendship, regret, and adventure. From the arena-sized pop choruses of “Let Me In” and the titular “Coming Home” to the mournful singer-songwriter ballad “See You Again” and the sprawling rock-opera opus “Awakening,” the band hopes that the songs will appeal to all fans of the show, and even resonate with those who aren’t familiar with the hit Disney program.
  • Begun in 2020 as a quarantine hobby, Oh Geeez quickly evolved from a YouTube reaction channel to a prolific music-making force. Composed of Sean McGibany (vocals), Jack Gilmond (guitar), and Alex Dollenmayer (drums), the trio crafts sincere, hook-laden songs about family, friends, and fantasy, inspired by a variety of animated shows and movies.
  • Season 3 of Amphibia Emmy Award-nominated series finds Anne and the Plantars transported from Amphibia to her hometown of Los Angeles, where the Frog Family must learn to navigate the complexities of this modern-day world, conceal their identities as talking frog people and search for a way home. You can catch up with our recaps of the season and beyond here.
  • Coming Home – The Mixtape is now available on most streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music and can be listened to by clicking here.

What They’re Saying:

  • Lead singer and songwriter Sean McGibany: “We love interacting with the Amphibia fandom online, but we don’t want there to be any barrier of entry to this music. We want all our friends and family – most of whom have never seen the show – to be able to relate to the songs. So we always look for the familiar themes and messages, and highlight
  • them in our music.”

Select Tracks from Coming Home – The Mixtape: