Rock ‘Em Socks Introduces Latest Disney Collection Themed to “A Goofy Movie”

Rock ‘Em Socks is getting in on the Goofy Movie fun with a new collection of footwear that will give your wardrobe a kick! Nine, that’s right, nine patterns celebrating the animated film recently debuted online and make a great addition to any Disney collection.

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What’s Happening:

  • It’s time you and your friends see “I2I” about Disney fashion and Rock ‘Em Socks is here to help you out. The company has just released a new collection of socks themed to A Goofy Movie!
  • There are nine fun patterns and character themed looks that fans of the film will love. Among the featured styles are:
    • A Goofy Movie Goofy and Max
    • Max and Roxanne
    • Road Trip Map
    • Powerline
    • Max
    • Roxanne
    • Leaning Tower of Cheeza
    • Lester’s Possum Park
  • The complete Rock ‘Em Socks’ A Goofy Movie Collection is available now. Links to our favorite individual pieces can be found below.

A Goofy Movie Socks – Title Sequence – Disney Collection – Rock 'Em Socks – $19.99

A Goofy Movie Socks – Eye to Eye – Disney Collection – Rock 'Em Socks – $19.99

A Goofy Movie Socks – Powerline Showtime – Disney Collection – Rock 'Em Socks – $19.99

A Goofy Movie Socks – Leaning Tower of Cheeza – Disney Collection – Rock 'Em Socks – $19.99

A Goofy Movie Socks – Lester's Possum Park – Disney Collection – Rock 'Em Socks – $19.99