Pixar Shares Interview with Aphton Corbin, Director of “Twenty Something”

As part of Black History Month, Pixar has shared an interview with Aphton Corbin, Director of the SparkShort Twenty Something, sharing her art journey that led her Pixar.

  • Aphton said growing up, due to not being surrounded by a lot of animated media that featured black characters, led her to draw characters that predominantly had blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Her family members helped challenge the idea of the animated characters she drew exclusively having traditionally caucasian features, and encouraged her to be the change she wants to see in animation.
  • Aphton’s first project at PIxar was Toy Story 4. About a year or so into working on that project, she received an email that said her name was brought up for directing a SparkShort for Pixar.
  • Aphton reveals how insecure she felt about being chosen to direct the SparkShort and if it was happening “too soon” and her uncertainties of how she would lead a team as a director.
  • Twenty Something was an important project for Aphton, and she used her platform to represent characters that a more diverse audience could see themselves in.
  • You can watch the SparkShort Twenty Something now on Disney+.
  • Watch Aphton Corbin’s art journey with Pixar below:

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