Marvel Comics Releases Trailer and Cover of “Amazing Spider-Man #1,” Coming April 6th

Marvel Comics is ushering in a new era of Spider-Man in honor of the character’s 60th anniversary on April 6th with Amazing Spider-Man #1 from Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr., with a cover and trailer released today.

(Marvel Comics)

(Marvel Comics)

What’s Happening:

  • “What did Spider-Man do?” In a new trailer for Amazing Spider-Man #1 (embedded below), Spidey fans can see the web-slinging hero take on some of his greatest enemies of all time.
  • The excitement begins on April 6th with the new volume of Amazing Spider-Man kicking off just in time for Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary.
  • Acclaimed writer Zeb Wells has teamed up with legendary illustrator John Romita Jr. for the new series.
  • In this new arc, Peter Parker finds himself in conflict with not only the Fantastic Four and the Avengers but also his Aunt May.
  • In the exciting first issue, Spider-Man is being pursued by Doctor Octopus and Tombstone, both of whom are shown in the trailer, which features never-before-seen artwork.

What They’re Saying:

  • John Romita Jr., illustrator: “Marvel has allowed me to get back to work on this amazing character, and work with another brilliant writer, Zeb Wells! The stories are stunning and I am reading the scripts with a grin and wonderment…..then wondering how the heck to do them justice!”
  • Zeb Wells, writer: “I've waited my entire career to work with John Romita Jr. To team up with him on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN for the character's 60th anniversary is so exciting words can't describe it. We're gonna have a blast!”