Venom and Thor to Fight Side by Side in “Thor #27” This July

Two kings of the Marvel Universe will battle alongside each other to combat a new threat to Earth this July in Donny Cates’ “Thor #27.”

  • Thor, King of Asgard, and Eddie Brock, the symbiote’s King in Black, will set aside any personal differences and join forces in an upcoming arc of Donny Cates and Nic Klein’s acclaimed “Thor” series.
  • Beginning in “Thor #27,” the two-part saga will be Cates’ grand reunion with Venom, the character he redefined in his historic “Venom” run that came to an end last year.
  • Now delivering that same treatment to Thor, Cates’ latest thunderous arc will continue to revolutionize the Thor mythos and raise the stakes for what’s been building up since issue #1. And Venom won’t be the only guest star!
  • Superstar artist Salvador Larroca will be drawing this thrilling two-parter, with regular series artist Nic Klein set to return for “Thor #29.”
  • Don’t miss this royal teamup of two of Cates’ signature heroes! Check out Klein’s cover above and pick up “Thor #27” when it hits stands in July!

What they’re saying:

  • Editor Wil Moss: “We’re so thrilled to have the legendary Salvador Larroca join us as a guest artist for this story! Donny thought he’d told all the Venom stories he had to tell, but the amazing world building that Ram V, Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch have been doing in their brilliant ‘Venom’ series gave Donny an idea for a story that brings the world of Thor and the world of Venom together in a really fresh, exciting way.”