Kahoot! Celebrates May 4th With New “Star Wars” Themed Courses

Kahoot! Is celebrating May 4th by launching a new Star Wars course where fans and users can put their teamwork and collaboration skills to the test!

What’s Happening:

  • May the 4th is just around the corner and to celebrate,  Kahoot! is launching a new Star Wars course where fans and users can learn more about teamwork and collaboration with their favorite Star Wars characters, including Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Master Yoda, and many more.
  • The new course features iconic scenes from the Star Wars saga in which the movie heroes need to work as a team to succeed towards a common goal.
  • Participants of the new Star Wars course will learn more about the skills of their favorite characters to understand how, through collaboration and teamwork, they can accomplish much more together than on their own.
  • In addition to the new teamwork and collaboration Star Wars course, users can find all the SEL, STEM, and leadership Star Wars games available on the Kahoot! platform.
  • Kahoot users can unleash the force with free, premium learning content featuring  favorite Star Wars characters on Kahoot! Academy!
  • Padawans of all ages can begin their training as they dive deeper into STEM subjects, test their trivia knowledge and much more.
  • The school year and work routines are back in full swing, and educators, families and trainers around the world are looking for new ways to reconnect with learners, spark engagement and accelerate learning. With many students and professionals now in the classroom or workplace full-time, while others navigate hybrid or remote models, it’s the perfect time to take engagement to the next level with interactive experiences that bring learning to life.
  • Now, with a new series of premium collections featuring characters from the beloved Star Wars movies, you won’t need to travel to a galaxy far, far away to discover exciting learning content. Discover and play the new Star Wars kahoots for free today on Kahoot! Academy!    
  • Back in September, Kahoot! began these premium collections with six ready-to-play kahoots, where Star Wars fans of all ages could explore key STEM topics or flex their trivia knowledge.
  • With this new collection, all Kahoot! users can set off on a voyage through Earth and space science, investigate the technologies of the Star Wars galaxy and power up engineering skills, all with the help of Princess Leia, Yoda, Rey, and many much-loved droids and aliens. Users can also put your knowledge of this epic saga to the test with Star Wars trivia games. Be one with the Force to answer questions about memorable characters and stories, from the original trilogy to the latest films as you compete to rise to the top of the podium!
  • Over the next months and years, Kahoot! will be launching more premium Star Wars learning content, with collections and courses designed for educators and students in school and higher education, business professionals in the workplace, families and learners of all ages.
  • These exciting and engaging learning games will help learners expand their knowledge of a variety of important 21st century skills, in addition to STEM, languages and beyond! Users will also be able to access this learning content in a range of global languages, including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and more.
  • All of the kahoots in the Star Wars collections will be available to play for free on Kahoot! Academy, a global knowledge platform, online community and marketplace, which allows anyone to access premium content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences. With the launch of these collections, Kahoot! becomes the only EdTech company in the world to offer free Star Wars and Disney content.