Disneyland Paris Releases New TV Spot for Avengers Campus Ahead of “Early Summer” Opening

Avengers Campus is coming to Disneyland Paris this summer and it is going to be an incredible land, whether you are the biggest Marvel fan or you've never even seen the movies. There will be something for everyone, and Disneyland Paris's YouTube page shared a new video to get you excited.

What's Happening:

  • Calling all heroes! Team up with the Avengers and prepare to live an adventure with a capital A at Disneyland Paris this summer! Check out the brand-new Avengers Campus TV spot featuring footage of the attraction, Avengers Assemble: Flight Force!
  • You can see the video below.

What Else We Know About Avengers Campus:

  • A new vehicle designed by Tony Stark will be making its way through Adventures Campus.
  • You'll see Earth’s mightiest superheroes ride through Avengers Campus in style in the all-new Avengers Deployment Vehicle powered by Wakandan Vibranium.

  • You can live the good life at a completely reimagined 4-star hotel.
  • This Manhattan-style hotel has personalized service and is modernized for Earth's Mightiest superheroes.