Full Soundtrack to Pixar’s “Coco” Available on 2LP Vinyl from WalMart with Marigold and Azul Records

Disney music collectors can now bring home the full motion picture soundtrack to Pixar’s Coco on Marigold & Azul Vinyl exclusively from WalMart.



What’s Happening:

  • WalMart has an exclusive 2LP vinyl release of the soundtrack to Disney and Pixar’s Coco.
  • One vinyl record is marigold orange while the other is azul blue.
  • This release includes the full original motion picture soundtrack, including the songs and score.
  • Previously, only the songs from Coco were released on a Vinyl picture disc release from Walt Disney Records.
  • The WalMart exclusive marks only the second time the full soundtrack has been released on vinyl. The first was released this past January as a Mondo exclusive, which sold out quickly.

WalMart Exclusive Coco Vinyl Track Listing:

1. Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) (Benjamin Bratt)

2. Much Needed Advice (Benjamin Bratt and Antonio Sol)

3. Everyone Knows Juanita (Gael García Bernal)

4. Un Poco Loco (Anthony Gonzalez and Gael García Bernal)

5. Jálale (Mexican Institute of Sound)

6. The World Es Mi Familia (Anthony Gonzalez and Antonio Sol)

7. Remember Me (Lullaby) (Gael García Bernal and Gabriella Flores and Libertad García Fonzi)

8. La Llorona (Alanna Ubach and Antonio Sol)

9. Remember Me (Reunion) (Anthony Gonzalez and Ana Ofelia Murguía)

10. Proud Corazón (Anthony Gonzalez)

11. Remember Me (Dúo) (Miguel (Featuring – Natalia Lafourcade)

12. Will He Shoemaker? (Michael Giacchino)

13. Shrine and Dash (Michael Giacchino

14. Miguel's Got An Axe to Find (Michael Giacchino)

15. The Strum of Destiny (Michael Giacchino)

16. It's All Relative (Michael Giacchino)

17. Crossing the Marigold Bridge (Michael Giacchino)

18. Dept. of Family Reunions (Michael Giacchino)

19. The Skeleton Key to Escape (Michael Giacchino)

20. The Newbie Skeleton Walk (Michael Giacchino)

21. Adiós Chicharrón (Michael Giacchino)

22. Plaza de la Cruz (Michael Giacchino)

23. Family Doubtings (Michael Giacchino)

24. Taking Sides (Michael Giacchino

25. Fiesta Espectacular (Michael Giacchino)

26. Fiesta Con de la Cruz (Michael Giacchino)

27. I Have a Great – Great

28. A Blessing and a Fessing (Michael Giacchino)

29. Somos Familia (Michael Giacchino)

30. Reunión Familiar de Rivera (Michael Giacchino)

31. A Family Dysfunction (Michael Giacchino)

32. Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (Michael Giacchino)

33. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Michael Giacchino)

34. One Year Later (Michael Giacchino)

35. Coco – Día de los Muertos Suite (Michael Giacchino)

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