Nova, Moon Knight and More Marvel Legends Retro Action Figures Available for Pre-Order

Make room in your Marvel Legends collection for a new wave of retro figures from Hasbro! Pre-orders are now open for an exciting assortment of 3 3/4-inch action heroes including Nova and Moon Knight.  

Nova, Moon Knight, Firestar, Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man

Nova, Moon Knight, Firestar, Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man

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What’s Happening:

  • A new wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends Retro action figures have landed at Entertainment Earth and this selection is a true blast from the past!
  • In an alternate universe, Kenner cranked out some amazing Marvel action figures in the 1980s – but not in ours. These heroes are artifacts from another dimension, a "What If?" for kids of the totally awesome decade.
  • Among the character that make up this classic assortment are:
    • Nova
    • Firestar
    • Moon Knight
    • Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man
    • Captain America (case only)
    • Iron Man (case only)
  • Each hero features five points of articulation and a retro cardback complete with a Kenner logo appropriate for this vintage.
  • The collection is for fans ages Ages 4 and up.
  • The assortment of figures sell for $11.99 while a case of eight figures sells for $95.99.
  • These new Marvel Legends Retro action figures are available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth and are expected to arrive in October 2022.
  • Links to the individual items can be found below.

Free Shipping at Entertainment Earth:

  • For a limited time the company is offering Free Super Saver Shipping on orders totalling $39+ (pre tax, U.S. only) with the code SUNFREE22! That means now is the perfect time to stock up on new and pre-order toys, figures, and more.


“A human rocket blasting to far-off cosmic places, Nova Richard Rider flies by and declares ‘blue blazes!’”

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Nova Action Figure – $11.99


“With fiery abilities and Amazing Friends, Firestar burns bright through thick and thin.”

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Firestar Action Figure – $11.99

Moon Knight

“A mercenary bound to the ancient spirit, Khonshu, Moon Knight fights to win the spirit its due!”

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Moon Knight Action Figure – $11.99


“Peter Parker was a teenager of average ability, before a radioactive spider-bite bestowed strange powers and great responsibility!”

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Spider-Man Action Figure – $11.99

Marvel Legends Case

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Action Figures Wave 7 Case – $95.99 

Case includes 8 individually packaged action figures:

  • 1x Captain America
  • 1x Iron Man
  • 1x Nova
  • 1x Nova
  • 2x Moon Knight
  • 2x Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man

(subject to change)