Disneyland is Exploring Ways to Possibly Use Aerial Drones in Nighttime Spectaculars

Guests at Disneyland Paris see a unique show that lights up the sky in celebration of the 30th anniversary. According to The Orange County Register, Disneyland in California is exploring new ways to use aerial drones and they MIGHT make an appearance some day.

What’s Happening:

  • Aerial drones light up the sky at Disneyland Paris over Sleeping Beauty Castle and amazed guests with a beautiful show.
  • Could they be making an appearance in the sky over Sleeping Beauty Castle in California as well?
  • During a round table media panel about the Anaheim theme park's returning nighttime spectaculars, Disney live entertainment show director and writer Wendy Ruth discussed the use of drones in the Disneyland Paris nighttime spectacular and what technological innovations could be used at Disneyland Resort.
  • "We are looking at it and curious about how to do it," Ruth said of the Disneyland Paris drone show. "There are definitely experiments to be done with a variety of drones in size, in what they do and their programmability."
  • When the drone show made its debut at Disneyland Paris it was the first time Disney used autonomous aerial technology for a daily outdoor show.
  • There is potential for use of drones by the Disneyland entertainment department, but it is still in a very early stage of development.
  • "We’re experimenting. We’re exploring," Ruth said. "But it’s really hard to say, ‘Yeah, it’s coming,’ because so much of it is an experiment."
  • The Walt Disney Imagineering team is always looking for new ways to use technology and have it introduced at Disney Parks all over the world.
  • "We send Imagineers around the world to go discover to learn more about drones, to learn more about invisible LEDs," Ruth said. "Those are things we’re super interested in finding the right show to make that happen."
  • Of course, they need to take into consideration the Federal Aviation Administration rules as well as how it would affect any neighborhoods or freeways.
  • "Here at Disneyland our guests don’t like to see a lot of change. They want what they know," Ruth said. "But when we can do something like a ‘World of Color’ and surprise them and say, ‘You didn’t know that you wanted this. You’re still seeing those characters you like. You’re still hearing the music that you love. We’re just presenting it in a brand new way.’"
  • You can see a video below of Disney D-Lights Drone Preshow and Disney Illuminations Post-Show Disneyland Paris.

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