Executive Producer Brian Chapek Shares Fondness Over Appearance of Darryl in “Thor: Love and Thunder”

During the World Premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, Executive Producer Brian Chapek stopped on the red carpet to discuss the new film, as well as a particular fondness for Darryl the Tour Guide.

What’s Happening:

  • During the world premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel Entertainment was on scene on the red carpet when Executive Producer of the new film, Brian Chapek stopped by to answer some questions about the new Marvel Studios film.
  • He shares a bit about working with Christian Bale and his character, Gorr the God Butcher, and the appearance of the new villain alongside the Mighty Thor (played by Natalie Portman).

  • However, what really captured Chapek’s attention and became a clear moment that he was happy to discuss, was the appearance of Darryl the tour guide in the film. Darryl appears in a series of shorts (that Chapek also previously worked on) that are now available to stream on Disney+ after appearing on home releases of several Marvel films. Darryl Jacobson was Thor’s roommate, who was introduced in the Taika Waititi-directed shorts starring Chris Hemsworth's hero in a mockumentary setting. They were released as bonus features on Marvel's home media releases, starting with the first one on Captain America: Civil War, which the God of Thunder was notably excluded from.

  • Fans have been excited to find that Darryl appears in Thor: Love and Thunder as a tour guide in New Asgard. Director Taika Waititi told CinemaBlend, “Darryl is in the film, he’s the tour guide in New Asgard. I love that thing we shot before Ragnarok – those little short films kind of set the tone for the character. It was a little experiment, we were like ‘Oh, let’s see what Thor’s like when he’s a bit more human.’”

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