“A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY OMEGA” Deals With The drastic aftermath of A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY

Fans will soon be able to feel the fallout and the drastic aftermath of the events of A.X.E.: Judgment Day in A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY OMEGA.

What’s Happening:

  • Just announced at the Marvel Comics: Judgment Day Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY will receive a special one-shot that showcases just how this monumental saga will impact the Avengers, X-Men, Eternals, and the rest of the Marvel Universe!
  • Hitting stands in November, A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY OMEGA will be naturally written by event architect Kieron Gillen and his collaborator on the upcoming A.X.E.: DEATH TO THE MUTANTS limited series, artist Guiu Vilanova.
  • Last week’s A.X.E. JUDGMENT DAY #1 showed fans just how high the stakes were as they paid witness to the destruction of the mutant planet Arakko, the vicious invasion of Krakoa, and Iron Man, Ajak, Makkari, and Mister Sinister joining forces to build a brand-new Celestial.
  • Strap in as this thrilling and emotionally charged Marvel Comics epic escalates tremendously in the coming weeks and be there when for the dawn of a new Eternals era in A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY OMEGA #1. After events, there are promises. “Nothing will ever be the same again.” For the Eternals, it’s a lie. It’s always the same and always will be. However, in the wake of Judgment Day, they discover what is truly Eternal…
  • Check out the cover of A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY OMEGA #1 now (above) and don’t miss a single event issue in the weeks ahead!

What They’re Saying:

  • Kieron Gillen: “Up front, I've black-hatted the Eternals. Not all Eternals are bad guys here, but mainstream Eternal society are the aggressors, and for very ‘understandable reasons.’ That's the first act, basically: The Eternals go to war, and then we build up from there. But the Eternals are a complicated group of people. Especially since I'm writing both the ETERNALS tie-ins and IMMORTAL X-MEN, I'm always writing the complexities."