MagicBand+ Opening Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Vlog

The new MagicBand+ has been in Disney news quite a bit lately. Guests have wondered if it will be worth all of the hype and what exactly everything does. Our very own Jeremiah visited Disney's Hollywood Studios to see what the new MagicBand+ is all about.

What’s Happening:

  • Jeremiah goes to Disney's Hollywood Studios and sees what the MagicBand+ can do including playing Batuu Bounty Hunters and interacting with the Fab 50 Statues.

If you're wanting to know specific features, here are timestamps to help you out.

  • 00:00: Unboxing
  • 02:10: Playing Batuu Bounty Hunters
  • 11:42: Batuu Bounty Hunters
  • 12:20: Fab 50 Statue Interaction
  • 14:34: Five & Dime and MagicBand+ Styles
  • 16:16: Wrap U

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