Wakanda Faces a New Threat in “Black Panther: Unconquered” One-Shot Comic

This fall, all eyes will be on Wakanda! In addition to John Ridley and Germán Peralta’s current run on Black Panther and the upcoming “Wakanda” limited series, Marvel Comics will also publish a special one-shot in November, “Black Panther: Unconquered #1.”

  • Written by Bryan Edward Hill and drawn by Alberto Foche Duarte, “Black Panther: Unconquered #1″ will be an ideal entry point into the world of Black Panther mythology, perfect for longtime fans and newcomers to the Black Panther mythology.
  • The scribe behind 2019’s acclaimed Killmonger limited series, Hill returns to Wakanda to explore the land’s rich mythology once again with a thought-provoking story that will see the emergence of a threat deeply rooted in Wakanda history.
  • In order to combat it, Black Panther will have to learn new secrets about Wakanda’s ancient past and unlock a new connection to the Panther god, Bast.
  • Witness T’Challa face a challenge unlike anything Wakanda has seen before when “Black Panther: Unconquered #1″ arrives on November 9.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Bryan Edward Hill: "Black Panther and Wakanda mean so much to people. It's an honor to contribute my imagination to the legacy of this character. I'm very grateful that I can only do comic projects that mean something to me personally, and returning to Marvel for this certainly does. Hopefully it speaks to longtime fans of the character while also onboarding new readers into his world. Shall I say it? Why not. Wakanda Forever! You'll just have to imagine me crossing my arms."