SeaWorld San Diego Mourns 20 Year Old Orca That Passed Away Due to Infection

SeaWorld San Diego has announced the loss of one of their signature orcas at the landmark marine park due to an infection, according to FOX 5.

What’s Happening:

  • SeaWorld San Diego is mourning the loss of one of their trademark orcas at the park, the park announced yesterday.
  • Nakai, a twenty year old killer whale, passed away after an infection according to the park. Born at SeaWorld San Diego in 2001, Nakai also helped in research efforts studying the impact of noise from ships and other human-caused activities in the ocean.
  • A team member at the park described his unique bond with Nakai, saying “He was very friendly and an overall playful guy who loved to interact with people. It was a joy to care for and learn from him and I will miss him greatly. He was a huge part of my life and of our family here at SeaWorld San Diego. We appreciate the support of the community as we grieve his loss together with his loyal fans everywhere.”
  • Known as a curious and quick learner, those who worked with the animal say he would learn behaviors just by the others in his pod. As Nakai’s infection spread, aggressive therapeutic and diagnostic efforts were unsuccessful in the treatment, according to the zoological team at the park.