Denuo Novo Celebrates First Birthday with Free Star Wars Gift with Purchases

The companies behind Denuo Novo are celebrating its first birthday with some free Star Wars giveaways as part of THE BIG 1 month-long promotional event.

What’s Happening:

  • To celebrate THE BIG 1, customers will receive a free Star Wars: Han Solo belt accessory or an Imperial Officer belt accessory with any purchase of $200+.
  • Also, during The Big 1 celebration, all orders will include free domestic shipping and 50% off international shipping.
  • Denuo Novo continues to be the single stop for premium quality costume replicas and screen-accurate helmets, with products from across the Star Wars saga including the original trilogy, prequels, new trilogy, Star Wars: Rogue One and Star Wars: The Mandalorian.
  • New products supporting Star Wars, DC and future franchises are continually being released for old and new fans of high-end collectibles.

What They’re Saying:

  • Mark Von Ohlen, Brand Manager of Denuo Novo said: "Since acquiring the Lucasfilm license one year ago, Denuo Novo’s commitment has been to handle the fulfillment of outstanding back-orders of Star Wars product. In addition to fulfilling customer’s long-awaited backorders, we’re continuing to debut new and exciting products from the Star Wars universe, as well as grow our new partnership with DC with the introduction of our popular ’89 Batman Cowl. There are more exciting things to come in 2022 and beyond!"

About Denuo Novo:

  • Denuo Novo was founded in 2021 and awarded the Star Wars high-end costume and high-end collectibles licenses. Our goal is to achieve the pinnacle of quality in manufacturing and distribution of screen-accurate and high-end merchandise offerings from movies, television, and contemporary media. Denuo Novo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rubies II LLC and managed by Joel Weinshanker, owner and operator of NECA and its wider range of subsidiaries which include WizKids, Kidrobot, and Joseph Enterprises (Chia/Clapper). With this synergy, you can trust that your merchandise will have the undisputed highest level of quality of any licensed product in the collectibles market. Manufactured under the supervision of a multi-generational team of experts and logistically supported by one of the largest shipping supply chains in the nation – Denuo Novo seeks to be your single stop for the highest quality prop and costume replicas and high-end collectibles for generations to come.