New Opening Credits Sequence For “Big City Greens” Debuts Ahead of Mid-Season Premiere

With the midseason premiere of Big City Greens mere hours away, Disney has released the new opening credits sequence now that the show is headed back to the country.

What’s Happening:

  • The new opening credits sequence for the hit Disney Channel series, Big City Greens, has been unveiled.
  • As we progressed through the third season of the show, we entered a mid-season hiatus after a bit of a cliffhanger when Cricket and his dad, Bill went back to the countryside and found that their former home and farm was for sale. It was hinted early in the episode that the Greens now had some money and it seems their situation was turning around, so when Bill sees the For Sale sign and mentions an idea he has before the credits roll… we knew what was to come later in the season.
  • Now, with the return of the show only literal hours away, Disney has released the new opening credits that will be featured on the show as it returns to the country. Similar to the opening credits we already know, the new credits show the same cuts and shots but with a country twist.

  • Fans will also notice the removal of Gloria and Gramma from their appearances in the opening credits, and the addition of Nancy (Cricket and Tilly’s Mother) and Remy as featured cast members. In a conversation I had with creators Shane and Chris Houghton that will appear on soon, they confirm that Remy is joining the Greens for their return to the country, while both Gramma and Gloria stay behind in Big City.
  • The Midseason premiere of Big City Greens takes place this Saturday, September 24th, at 9:00 AM. The show has been following Cricket Green, who moved from the country to the big city with his wildly out of place family: hard-working father Bill, sweet-and-sour Gramma Alice and quirky older sister Tilly. You can catch up with all the earlier episodes of the series on Disney+.

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