Escapade Comes to Krakoa in First Look at “New Mutants #31”

Alongside artist Alberto Alburquerque, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Charlie Jane Anders will take her “Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2022)” breakout character Shela Sexton, AKA Escapade, to Krakoa for an exciting new adventure in “New Mutants (2019) #31.” Marvel shared a first look at the upcoming comic.

  • Over the course of a three-issue story arc, Shela reluctantly goes to the mutant nation-state in the hopes of saving her best friend Morgan Red from certain death.
  • However, Emma Frost may not have been entirely forthcoming about her reasons for recruiting Escapade in the first place, sending Shela on a collision course even as she attempts to fit in with the New Mutants.
  • In a special first look at “New Mutants (2019) #31,” Shela mingles with fellow mutants like Anole and Scout by showing off the tech in her gloves, before intervening in an argument.

  • Another page shows Shela reuniting with her friend Morgan and his winged turtle Hibbert, after which she takes the stage with Rahne Sinclair, AKA Wolfsbane, in the face of a protest against mutants.

  • In another page, a glowing green portal suddenly opens by the stage, revealing a handful of masked soldiers who are armed to the teeth.


  • Then, a final page reveals those soldiers have captured these Krakoan representatives – including Shela and Morgan!

  • Will all these mutants make it out alive? Find out in “New Mutants #31,” on sale October 26.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Charlie Jane Anders: "I have been such a fan of everything Vita Ayala, Rod Reis et al. have been doing in New Mutants, so it was a total thrill to bring Escapade, Morgan, and Hibbert into their world. The characters we introduced in ‘Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1’ took on a whole new life when they were hanging around with the New Mutants and the Lost Club, and I've been having unconscionable amounts of fun. And as a huge admirer of Alberto Alburquerque's work on ‘No One's Rose’ and other comics, I was psyched to hear that he'd be bringing this tale to life. It's going to be a wild ride!"