Author Rick Riordan Returns to “Percy Jackson” Book Series for “The Chalice of the Gods,” Coming Next Year

Author Rick Riordan will return to the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" book series for The Chalice of the Gods in 2023.

  • According to Publishers Weekly, Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods began as a way to sweeten the deal for Hollywood studios in order to get them to support the production of Riordan’s Percy Jackson television series.
  • However, the the series took off with Disney+ and the idea for the new book was shelved.
  • Now, with the series coming soon, Disney asked Riordan if there was anything they could publish to support its arrival.
  • Publishers Weekly also shared the following description of Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods:
    • “In Chalice of the Gods, Percy and his friends must assist Ganymede, Zeus’s cupbearer, in retrieving the missing Chalice, a magical artifact capable of granting immortality to those who drink from it.”
  • The book is planned as a standalone but Riordan isn’t ruling out any future adventures.
  • Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods is set for a Fall 2023 release and is available for pre-order now.
  • Production on Percy Jackson and the Olympians continues as the show is anticipated for a 2024 release on Disney+.

What they’re saying:

  • Author Rick Riordan: “I knew we basically had a year to play with during Percy’s senior year in high school, where nothing had been sketched out, no canon described. All we know is he’s in school in New York. So what would happen to him? Of course, he’s getting ready for college. And I’ve been through that with my two boys, and that means recommendation letters. And to get into New Rome University, you need recommendation letters from the gods, and they don’t give those out for free. So Percy has to do quests—not to save the world this time, but just to get into college. There will be other gods we haven’t seen. It’s going to continue the Percy Jackson tradition of encountering gods and monsters, and it takes place mostly in and around New York City. It’s not meant to be a world-ending adventure, it’s just a day in the life of a demigod.”
  • Riordan on the coming Disney+ series: “This is a big show. It’s ambitious. No one has really done anything like this before on a number of levels: to have a show carried by young actors in every single scene, and it’s a road trip show so every episode is entirely different. It’s tough, expensive, and challenging. And what we’re seeing is pretty incredible.”