Magik Faces Off with the Phoenix in Peach Momoko’s “Demon Wars: Down in Flames” in February

Things are heating up in Peach Momoko’s Marvel Universe! For the last two years, the visionary creator has boldly reimagined the Marvel mythos with a fantastical blend of classic Marvel Comics storytelling and traditional Japanese folklore in “Demon Days” and the currently unfolding series, “Demon Wars.”

  • Packed with stunning new designs of iconic heroes, “Demon Wars” is a mystical take on the groundbreaking Marvel Comics event, Civil War.
  • Written and drawn by Momoko, the series has already put an unpredictable spin on this modern Marvel epic, and this February, prepare for the biggest twist yet in its third installment, “Demon Wars: Down in Flames!”
  • Continuing to follow protagonist Mariko Yashida, “Demon Wars: Down in Flames” will see Civil War collide with story elements from another legendary Marvel Comics storyline: the Phoenix Saga.
  • Introducing exciting versions of two of X-Men’s biggest stars, the conflict in the spirit world will escalate with an incendiary matchup: Phoenix vs Magik.
  • The spirit world is divided. Its inhabitants, strange creatures called yokai, have chosen sides, and the two factions are on the brink of all-out war. A bird-like yokai who wields some serious firepower faces off against a club-wielding demon. Mariko Yashida finds herself right in the middle of it.
  • No matter which side she chooses, there will be consequences not only for the spirit world, but for the human world too.
  • Don’t miss one of the industry’s most inventive talents redefine some of Marvel’s greatest stories. Check out the latest cover now and pick up “Demon Wars: Shield of Justice #1″ next month and “Demon Wars: Down in Flames #1″ in February.

What they’re saying:

  • Comic creator Peach Momoko: “I always write the story as I think of Marvel characters to fit the Yokai role. And for this issue I wanted to introduce Hi No Tori (Fire Bird) because it represents life and destruction (one of the themes of Demon Wars) and felt Jean Grey (Phoenix) was the perfect fit for the role. Magik also had the perfect characteristics of a particular punkish oni so that is why I chose Magik to be in my Momoko-verse as well. I really enjoyed illustrating Phoenix and Magik’s relationship and using mainly fire for them to communicate. I actually wasn’t familiar with the Phoenix Force stories so it was interesting finding out more as I researched.”