Sneak Preview: IDW’s “Dead Seas” Comic Book Series Reunites “Star Wars Adventures” Creative Team

Writer Cavan Scott has become one of the best-known contributors to the Lucasfilm Publishing world thanks to his recent work on Star Wars: The High Republic, Star Wars Adventures, and the acclaimed 2019 audio drama Star Wars: Dooku – Jedi Lost. And now he’s created his own comic book title for IDW called Dead Seas, which according to the publisher combines The Poseidon Adventure with The Haunting of Hill House.

For Dead Seas, Cavan Scott has once again collaborated with talented Star Wars Adventures artist Nick Brokenshire (co-creator of Dark Horse’s The Once and Future Queen) for “a supernatural thriller that reunites the fan-favorite Star Wars writer-and-artist team for a tale of specters, prisoners, pirates, and disaster on the open ocean!” In the five-page preview of the new comic book below, you can get a taste of what Scott and Brokenshire have come up with for this exciting new nautical adventure.

What’s happening:

  • Star Wars: The High Republic story architect Cavan Scott has created a new original comic book series for IDW, entitled Dead Seas with artist Nick Brokenshire of Star Wars Adventures.
  • The first issue of the comic will be released in December, but you can see a five-page preview above.
  • Issue #1 follows a cynical convict turned reluctant hero after he finds himself trapped on a sinking prison ship swarming with ghosts. Can he unite desperate criminals, pirates, and brutal guards as they try to escape a watery grave?

What they’re saying:

  • IDW Synopsis: “Ghosts are real and dangerous. But they’re also valuable, their ectoplasm capable of curing countless diseases. There’s only one problem: harvesting the wonder drug can be just as deadly. Prisoner Gus Ortiz is willing to take the risk in return for a reduced sentence—anything to see his daughter again. All it will take is a few months at sea scraping ectoplasm off the walls of the Perdition, a floating prison containing the most vicious ghosts on Earth. Surrounded by dark waters, Gus soon realizes that angry spirits are the least of his worries.”

Dead Seas #1 will be released on Wednesday, December 21st from IDW.