Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Goodbaby Announce the Launch of Brand New In Park Strollers

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has announced that Disney and Goodbaby have a multi-year agreement to launch brand new in park strollers.

What's Happening:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort announced today that Goodbaby (Hong Kong) has entered a multi-year agreement as a new alliance with the resort.
  • Under the alliance, tailor-made strollers designed and produced by Goodbaby (Hong Kong) will be made available for guests to rent in the Hong Kong Disneyland park.
  • Goodbaby Group is a multinational corporation well-known for its children’s products, providing trusted choices for families around the globe.
  • For a truly immersive Disney experience, Goodbaby has worked closely with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort to design new strollers, in a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse theme, specifically for the resort.
  • The strollers contain features aimed to provide an even smoother and more enjoyable experience for families with children, as the resort gears up to welcome more guests from outside of Hong Kong, including South East Asia and the Greater Bay Area of China.
  • Tailored toward children aged six months to seven years old, the strollers have been made available for guests to rent in the park since mid-Oct, 2022.
  • The stroller contains new features designed with family usage in mind, striving to bring a better experience for little ones and their guardians.

Features of These Strollers:

  • The breaks have been relocated to the handles, allowing for better control over the stroller for enhanced safety.
  • Larger wheels make pushing easier and effortless.
  • An adjustable seat with expanded seating space has been designed to better fit children of different ages and sizes.
  • The basket located underneath the stroller is bigger, allowing for a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience for guardians when handling belongings.
  • Committed to green development, Goodbaby implements a sustainable development model from top down to promote the green revolution of global children’s products. Goodbaby's stroller in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is truly non-toxic and recyclable throughout its full life cycle based on processes from the selection of recycled materials to green production.
  • Goodbaby and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort are working together to protect the environment and create a better future for children.

What They’re Saying:

  • “As a family-friendly theme park, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve and enhance all of our park’s offerings,” said Michael Moriarty, managing director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. “With this resort alliance with Goodbaby (Hong Kong), we are excited to launch strollers that are specifically designed for Hong Kong Disneyland’s park guests. The new stroller service delivers an elevated park experience for guests visiting us with young children. We hope Goodbaby’s strollers will enhance their experience in the park and enable them to have an exceptional time here.”
  • Goodbaby Group has expressed its love through technology and craftsmanship throughout its 33 years of history. “We are committed to creating the safe and fashionable products of high quality for children,” said Song Zhenghuan, Founder and Chairman of the Group. “The cooperation between Goodbaby and Disney is one of shared vision and complementary value, an integration of product supply chain and entertainment service chain, and a collaboration benefiting multiple parties. I believe that our cooperation will provide a brand-new experience and high-quality services to customers.”