Discover the Secrets of the Hit Disney+ Series with “Loki: The Official Marvel Studios Collector Special”

The consequences of the first season of Marvel’s Loki are about to spill out into the rest of the MCU. Take a look back at that season with “Loki: The Official Marvel Studios Collector Special.”

  • Marvel has shared a preview of “Loki: The Official Marvel Studios Collector Special” from Titan Comics.
  • In this official guide, you’ll discover the secrets of Loki, the original Marvel Studios series, through interviews with the cast and creators, an episode guide, and behind-the-scenes material.
  • The special provides all kinds of insight from those who worked on the series, including producer Kevin Wright:
    • “Loki has always been presented as a bit of a loner in the MCU, and by pairing him up with Mobius in this series, it’s given him a really great sparring partner. At first they have a very adversarial relationship but the great thing with Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston is that there is just an instant camaraderie there that I think just comes down to chemistry.”
  • Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, shares his thoughts on Mobius:
    • “This really interesting character called Mobius. And he’s kind of an analyst in the TVA, and he’s a great intellect, he’s a scholar, he kind of understands Loki, and he’s able to show him parts of himself he’s never understood before. And I always wondered who was going to play that part. And here he is: Owen Wilson.”
  • Wilson explained what he would say to people when they asked about his MCU role:
    • “When people ask, ‘What are you doing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?’ I reply, ‘No, I’m not wearing a cape. I don’t have any super-powers, other than the name Mobius, which has a certain power to it."
  • Hiddleston disagrees with Wilson regarding Mobius’ super-powers:
    • “Mobius has his own super-powers, which is his kind of curious intelligence and his almost academic fascination with complexity, which exists in Loki and in the timeline. The Time Variance Authority is full of people who are quite militant. And some of them like order and organization. I think Mobius has a greater ability to contain the complexity and the ambiguity of life because people always used to say Loki can play the heavy keys and play the light keys. But Mobius can play the heavy keys and play the light keys. He knows the whole piano.”
  • Hiddleston shared a story regarding when he and Wilson found their chemistry:
    • “We were shooting out in the middle of the night in late February, in a quarry, somewhere in Georgia. It was really, really cold and I was wearing a costume, I was just in shirtsleeves, bare arms. And I realized that in the takes I was standing still, and I would start to shiver. And there was this massive hill that the trucks were coming down. And to keep myself warmer I decide to run up this hill between takes so I wasn’t shivering.”
  • On one of these runs, Hiddleston noticed Owen Wilson sneaking up on his left, also running:
    • “And without saying he was going to do it, without noticing, without sort of making a comment.”
  • Wilson shared his side of that story:
    • “I didn’t know where Tom was going. But it was like seeing someone, like a kid in your neighborhood throwing a ball against the wall and thinking, ‘That looks fun.’ I saw him running up this hill, and I said to myself, ‘I’m going too.’”
  • You can pick up “Loki: The Official Marvel Studios Collector Special,” available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or anywhere books are sold on December 20.