Porter Engle Shows an Affinity for Sabacc in “Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade #1”

StarWars.com has shared an exclusive preview of Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade #1.

What’s Happening:

  • Don’t call Porter Engle a wizard. Traveling the galaxy with his sister, Barash, the Jedi Knights are among those Force-wielders eager to protect life and assist the Republic in a time of exploration and expansion.
  • But in this exclusive preview, we discover Porter also has an affinity for Sabacc.
  • The Blade #1, written by Charles Soule with art by Marco Castiello and a cover from Giuseppe Camuncoli, arrives December 28th as part of Phase II in the multimedia initiative.
  • The comic is available for pre-order now on ComiXology and at your local comic shop.
  • Check out the preview images from the issue below:

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