Sneak Peek of “Secrets of Sulphur Springs” Season 3 Released – Coming Soon to Disney Channel

Disney Channel has released a sneak peek at the upcoming third season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs.

What’s Happening:

  • The mystery continues in season three of Secrets of Sulphur Springs, which is coming soon to the Disney Channel.
  • “In Season Three, a new ghost will torment The Tremont,” reads the description of the upcoming season.
  • The third saga also promises more time travel, with Griffin heading to the future and back.
  • Charles Pratt Jr. serves as showrunner and executive producer alongside creator, writer, and EP Tracey Thomson.

About Secrets of Sulphur Springs:

  • A live-action, time-travel mystery series, Secrets of Sulphur Springs follows 12-year-old Griffin Campbell, whose family has uprooted their lives to move to a new town and take ownership of an abandoned hotel, The Tremont, in hopes of restoring it back to the lively vacation destination it once was. Not long after, Griffin learns that the hotel is rumored to be haunted by a ghost. Griffin and his best friend Harper, a bright-eyed, mystery-obsessed classmate, and Savannah, a girl who lives in the 1960s, work together to solve the mysteries of the supernatural forces at The Tremont by traveling through time via a secret portal in the basement of the hotel.
  • Season Two of the series took Griffin, Harper and Savannah back to the 1930 and 1962 to learn more about Harper's family's deep-seated connection to the hotel.
  • In Season Three, a new ghost will torment The Tremont. Also, Griffin will travel to the future and then back to his present, where he and Harper will have to change the timelines of their lives in order to save their friendship and their families.