James Cameron Wants to Show the Na’vi From Another Angle in “Avatar 3”

According to Variety, James Cameron is hinting that we may see the Na’vi in a different way in Avatar 3.

What’s Happening:

  • In James Cameron’s Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water, viewers are introduced to two different Na’vi clans, which are peaceful and only resort to violence if their land is attacked by humans.
  • Moviegoers might soon see that not all Na’vi are good, though.
  • James Cameron told France’s 20 Minutes that in Avatar 3, they will introduce a third clan of Pandora that shows off the Na’vi’s darker side.
  • Cameron said Avatar 3 will explore "different cultures from those I have already shown. The fire will be represented by the Ash People. I want to show the Na’vi from another angle because, so far, I have only shown their good sides."
  • "In the early films, there are very negative human examples and very positive Na’vi examples," the director continued. "In Avatar 3, we will do the opposite. We will also explore new worlds, while continuing the story of the main characters. I can say that the last parts will be the best. The others were an introduction, a way to set the table before serving the meal."
  • Production is already finished for Avatar 3 and is set to premiere in theaters on December 20, 2024.
  • If the filmmakers continue the franchise into Avatar 5, the Na’vi will come to Earth.