Marvel Legends Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards 2-Pack Now Available for Pre-Order

Comic fans have long loved the Fantastic Four aka Marvel’s First Family, but the legacy of the team extends beyond the titular quartet. Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s kids Franklin and Valeria have some multiversal adventures of their own and are the stars of a new Marvel Legends 2-pack from Hasbro.

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What’s Happening:

  • Franklin and Valeria Richards are the children of two members of the Fantastic Four and while the family name definitely carries some weight, the siblings are just as incredible in their own right.
  • Hasbro is shining a spotlight on the duo with a special Marvel Legends 2 pack that’s just opened for pre-order.
  • Franklin and Valeria are featured here in black and blue uniforms that are the reverse of the FF’s iconic look. Also instead of a “4″ on the chest, their suits have an “F” or “V.”

  • The siblings are no strangers to the multiverse and even travel with their Moloid friend Turg who’s included in this set.

  • As with all standard (not retro) Marvel Legends figures they measure 6-inches tall and characters feature premium detail and multiple points of articulation. They even come with additional accessories including alternate hands.
  • The Marvel Legends Franklin and Valeria Richards set is available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and sells for $49.99.
  • It’s expected to ship in May 2023. A link to the set can be found below.

Free Shipping at Entertainment Earth

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Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards 6-Inch Action Figures

 – $49.99

  • Detailed to look like Franklin and Valeria Richards characters from Marvel's Fantastic Four comics
  • Comes with 15 accessories
  • Turg's head with stand
  • Alternate hands for Franklin and Valeria
  • Lab equipment accessories
  • Ages 4 and up