“Dino Ranch Live” Heading to More Than 60 Cities Beginning This March

For the first time ever, Dino Ranch Live is hitting the road and will Dino-SOAR onto stages in more than 60 cities beginning March 24th.

  • The fun-filled, family friendly and action-packed live show is based on the hit animated series seen on Disney Junior and follows the adventures of the Cassidy family and junior Ranchers Jon, Min, Miguel, their loveable dinos Blitz, Clover and Tango and the mischievous Tin Horn Trio.
  • Dino Ranch Live kicks off in Riverside, California on March 24 before riding to Newark, Detroit, Chicago, Orlando and Long Beach among others around North America.
  • The tour schedule, tickets and VIP packages can be found at www.dinoranchlive.com.
  • Presales begin tomorrow January 31 and there are a number of opportunities available:
  • VIP packages will also be available for pre-show opportunities including premium seating, exclusive merchandise and character experiences.
  • Produced by Fiery light and Terrapin Station Entertainment, Dino Ranch Live combines a unique mix of two favorite preschool passions: dinosaurs and ranchers.
  • In the live show, the Dino Rancheroos introduce the trainee Rancheroos (the audience) to Dino Ranch, the thrill of ranch life and teach them how to ride, lasso and introduce them to thrilling adventure.
  • After avery rare Dino egg gets stolen by the mischievous Tin Horn Trio, Jon, Min and Miguel must pursue them to save the rare egg.
  • They head into the Badlands where many adventures await including a roar-off with a rogue T-Rex.

What they’re saying:

  • Richard Lewis,writer and director of Dino Ranch Live and CEO of Fiery light: “We are turning Dino Ranch into an epic, live adventure that audiences will never forget. I’m so excited to bring the successful TV series and family-favorite elements from the show to life on stage for what will be the first live theatre experience for many young fans.”