Disney Legend Unmasked in “The Masked Singer” Season Premiere

The Masked Singer has revealed its oldest singer ever, someone who is sure to bring a smile to any Disney fan’s face. Spoiler Warning ahead for those that want to keep the revelation a surprise.

What’s Happening:

  • Season 9 of The Masked Singer premiered tonight on Fox, and with it came the reveal of the show’s oldest singer to date.
  • The Gnome was revealed to be none other than 97 year-old Disney Legend Dick Van Dyke.
  • While in costume, the legendary performer gave a rousing performance of Billie Holiday’s “When You’re Smiling.”

  • The reveal follows a similar trend from last season, where Eric Idle and William Shatner were revealed in the opening episode.
  • Van Dyke actually reached out to Eric Idle when he first considered joining the show, and Idle said “he said he sweat like a pig and almost suffocated.”

  • Speaking to Variety, Van Dyke said “It was the weirdest experience I think I’ve ever had.”
  • “They have a great crew and they just treated me wonderfully,” Van Dyke said. “But by the time you get out of your car, your head’s covered. So, you never see anybody. I never saw anybody. They walk you around in a hood with you being led. I never got to see the people I was working with. I’ve got to go back and visit.”
  • Van Dyke said he had never seen The Masked Singer when he was offered the gig. He decided to watch it, “and it looked like fun to me, which it was. I did it because I knew that nobody would have ever guessed they’d have a 97-year-old guy on there.”