Special Cassette Edition of “Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” Available From Disney Music Emporium

Disney Music Emporium is now offering a special collectible cassette tape featuring the music from the new animated series, Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

What’s Happening:

  1. Moon Girl Magic
  2. Where You Come From
  3. Borough Bully Rap – Performed by Josh Keaton and Fred Tatasciore
  4. I Came to Play (IDKWYCTD) – Performed by Eli "Paperboy" Reed
  5. My Hair Is a Mood – Performed by JANE HANDCOCK
  6. Look In Your Eyes – Performed by Daveed Diggs
  7. Can't Be Tamed – Performed by Blush
  8. The Beyonder – Performed by Laurence Fishburne
  9. Neon City – Performed by Chantry Johnson
  10. Out My Mind – Performed by Michelle Zarlenga
  11. Just the Two of Us – Performed by Briana Lee
  12. Feelin' Me – Performed by Cleo Mac
  13. Altz Iz Gutz – Performed by Libe Barer

Track Listing:

Side 1

  1. Pretty Girl Swag – Performed by Jordan Powers and Bekah Novi
  2. Let's Get It – Performed by Big Mike
  3. Go Big – Performed by Andy Sturmer
  4. Can You Keep Up? – Performed by Jordan Powers
  5. Doin' My Thing – Performed by Tina Parol
  6. In the House – Performed by Loly Bea
  7. The Wave – Performed by Charles Jones and JANE HANDCOCK
  8. Moon Girl Magic (70s Retro Version) – Performed by Taura Stinson
  9. Light of My Day – Performed by Taura Stinson
  10. Moon Girl Magic/Moon Girl Magic (70s Retro Version) Mashup – Performed by Taura Stinson
  11. Moon Girl Magic
  12. Light of My Day (Raphael Saadiq Version) [Bonus Track]

Side 2

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