Star Wars x RockLove to Debuts Tatooine Inspired Collection

As The Mandalorian is about to embark on new galactic adventures, RockLove is taking fans on a galaxy tour of their own by exploring the cultures and creatures of Tatooine through a new jewelry collection.  

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What’s Happening:

  • RockLove is heading to the twin sun planet of Tatooine with a jewelry assortment that traders, smugglers, and even moisture farmers would love, even if they don’t love encountering the featured creatures!
  • The Star Wars x RockLove collection is growing and this time the focus is solely on the inhabitants of the desert planet, Tatooine.
  • Fans of the Star Wars films and series will love these new jewelry selections that showcase:
    • Massiff
    • Rancor Tooth
    • Bantha
    • Tusken Raider
  • RockLove’s unique pieces are made with care and attention to detail. Each piece in this series is handcrafted in sterling silver and antiqued for character and dimension.
  • The Necklaces feature an adjustable chain or slide knots for the perfect fit and the rings are available in a range of sizes.
  • The Star Wars x RockLove collection will be available starting February 23 at 9am PT on and prices range from $75-$135.
  • Check back soon for links to the individual items.

“Fierce and loyal, the MASSIFF thrives on harsh planets like TATOOINE.  Their sharp spines and armored hide make them formidable companions to the TUSKEN RAIDERS.”

Star Wars X RockLove Massiff Necklace – $125

“RANCORS are towering hunks of muscle that walk on two stubby legs and use their disproportionately long arms to capture prey.  A salivating, tooth-filled maw dominates their flat faces, and their armored skin is so tough that they can shrug off blaster bolts as little more than annoyances.”

Star Wars X RockLove Rancor Tooth Necklace – $75

BANTHAS are large, furry mammals that travel in herds through TATOOINE’S desert wastes.  They serve as mounts for TUSKEN RAIDERS, and the two share a close, almost mystical bond.

Star Wars X RockLove Bantha Ring – $135

TUSKEN RAIDERS, or Sand People, wear abundant clothing to protect themselves from TATOOINE’S twin suns. Handcrafted in sterling silver and antiqued for contrast, the unisex Tusken Raider Ring depicts their iconic mouth and eye coverings encircled by protective rough wrappings.

Star Wars X RockLove Tusken Raider Ring – $125